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Energy Services

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Businesses Save Energy, Save Money

Air Conditioning

Here are some suggestions to help keep your business facilities cool while you save energy and money.

  • Re-check thermostat settings periodically.
  • Purchase and use a programmable thermostat.
  • Set thermostats at 78 degrees or higher for cooling during the summer.
  • Keep vents closed in unoccupied areas to prevent cooling of storage areas and closets.
  • Reduce fresh air intake to the minimum required standards.
  • Replace old air conditioning systems with new energy-efficient systems.
  • Install paddle fans, stratotherm fans or other re-circulating systems to move air.
  • Ceiling temperatures can often be 30 to 40 degrees higher than floor temperatures. Air movement from fans can enhance the cooling ability of air conditioning systems.
  • Install air conditioner economizers. They use outside air to cool buildings when outdoor air is lower than indoor temperatures.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Check air filters and clean or change as needed.
  • Check air intake screens and clean as required.
  • Check fan belts for frays, cracks or nicks, and replace as necessary.
  • Brush off air conditioner condenser coils.

Quarterly Maintenance

  • Check motors, bearings and blower fans and lubricate as required.
  • Check cooling coils and clean as needed.
  • Check vacuum blower compartments.
  • Check ducts, vents and pipes, and repair any damaged insulation.
  • Check cooling systems in the spring before the hot weather begins. Have them serviced as needed. Discuss on-going maintenance with your air conditioner contractor.
  • Check pulleys and sheaves in the spring and fall for alignment and proper belt tension.
  • During the summer, open windows and use only the fan portion of cooling systems when outdoor air is cooler than indoor temperatures. Keep doors and windows closed when air conditioning systems are operating.

Energy Check-up

Businesses Save Energy, Save Money

  • (209) 526-7337
  • or (888) 335-1643 toll-free
  • Say or press 3.
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