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All MID customers can benefit from a FREE Energy Audit.

What Can An Energy Audit Do For You?

  • See how you use electricity, including your most and least-cost effective uses.
  • Get suggestions on ways to reduce your energy consumption, including no cost, low cost measures.
  • Get an estimated payback for replacing items, such as lighting or air conditioning.

You choose the suggestions that fit your needs and help you make your home or workspace comfortable and help you save energy and money.

Take control of your energy usage in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete one of the forms below:
    Home: Business:
  2. Submit your completed Energy Audit request form to MID by one of the following methods:

    Mail to:
    MID Energy Services
    P.O. Box 4060
    Modesto, CA 95352-4060

    Bring to:
    1231 11th Street
    Mdoesto, CA

    Fax to:
    (209) 526-7575

  3. An MID energy specialist will call you to arrange a convenient time to visit your home. Meeting with an MID Energy Services Representative will help you learn ways to save energy in your home

Call (209) 526-7339 or email Energy Services if you have questions or for help in completing the form.