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MID Solar Photovoltaic Program

MID wants to help customers looking into investing in clean and renewable energy. If you are interested in installing solar in your home or business, you can now apply for the Net Energy Metering 2 (NEM 2) program. It is important for you to understand all the steps involved with solar installations. MID must approve projects prior to installation.


Overview of Steps for completing the Solar Interconnection Process

See the Solar Handbook for a detailed list of steps.

  1. The contractor will submit hard copies of the the completed solar Interconnection package and all required documentation to MID.
  2. MID will review and approve the application or recommend corrections.
  3. The contractor will obtain the required city or county permits for installation of the solar system.
  4. The contractor will provide the final permit issued by the city or county to MID.
  5. MID will perform the final inspection and, if the inspection is clear, MID will install solar meter.
  6. Your system can then be activated by the contractor.

Please review the Solar Handbook and Solar Electric Service Guide for all program steps and requirements.

Solar Handbook and Solar Electric Service Guide


Solar Interconnection Forms and Guidelines

Electric Rates & Fees, Solar Guidelines & Billing

Reading Your NEM Bill

Solar Interconnection Application Package Documents

Please submit all completed solar interconnection package forms and required documentation to MID by hard copy only. Electronic submittals will NOT be accepted.

Mail all required documentation to:

MID Energy Services Department - Solar PV
P.O. Box 4060
Modesto, CA 95352-4060

Please note, only complete hard copy application packets will be accepted.


Is solar right for you?

Rooftop Solar Assessment

Generate an estimate of your solar generation potential, ongoing utility costs and estimated payback period for a rooftop solar system.

Solar Usage Analysis

To request a solar usage analysis to better understand how going solar will offset your consumption, please complete the Release of Information Request.

Before making a decision

Please contact us. As your trusted energy provider, MID can help you make smart energy choices.

Energy Services Department
(209) 526-7582
Or, for a faster response, email us at:



Frequently Asked Questions

How does NEM 2.0 work?

NEM 2.0 program is billed in real-time, meaning your electric usage and solar generation is tracked on an hourly (residential customers) or 15-minute (commercial customers) basis. Any time you are pulling energy from MID's grid you will be charged MID's retail rate. If your solar is over-generating and pushing energy back to MID's grid, you will be compensated at 7.6 cents per kWh. These excess generation credits will show on your monthly MID bill as a negative amount to bring the overall bill down.

How do I read my bill?

What rate am I charged for electricity that comes from MID and not from my solar panels?

Electricity that comes from MID will be at the same rate as all other customers based on your rate class. Learn more about MID's electric rates here.

What happens if my solar electric system produces more energy than I use?

If the energy produced by the system is greater than the energy you are using at that time, then the excess energy produced is credited to that month's bill at the NEM 2.0 credit rate - 7.6 cents per kWh.

How is maximum system size determined?

  • Systems are allowed to be sized up to 115% of a customer's electric load if they have had service at the site for 12-months
  • If 12 months demonstrated load is not available, MID will analyze six months demonstrated load and determine the maximum annual generation allowed.
  • If 6 months of consumption data is not available, MID will default to the industry standard 2 watts/square foot calculation for system sizing.

Does MID install or sell solar?

MID does not install/sell or recommend solar installers. We recommend that you get at least three estimates prior to agreeing to install a solar system.

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Contact Us. We're here to help.

Contact the Energy Services Department at (209) 526-7582.
Or, for a faster response, email us at:

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MID Energy Services Department - Solar PV
P.O. Box 4060
Modesto, CA 95352-4060

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