MID Programs and Services

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Customer Service
Mon. - Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(209) 526-7337 or
(888) 335-1643 toll-free

MID Office
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MID has many programs to help you save money and energy. We can help make paying your bill easier when you're experiencing a hardship.

Financial Assistance

MID Cares - 23% Discount
Receive a monthly discount on your electric bill.

Medical Life Support Rate - 50% off first 500 kWh
Customers who need electricity for life-sustaining devices or who have a condition or disease that requires special heating or air conditioning may qualify for 50 percent off the first 500 kilowatthours used during each residential billing cycle.

Payment Arrangements
If you know you can’t pay by the due date - please call MID Customer Service (209) 526-7337 or toll-free 1-888-335-1643 right away. This may help you to avoid late and reconnection fees.

Energy Efficiency

View Your Energy Usage
Compare your electric usage online.

Weatherization Program
Provides energy efficient measures to rental or owner occupied low-income customer homes.

STEP Program - Shave The Energy Peak
A home central air conditioner may qualify you for the STEP program. STEP offers a $5 per month discount June through September.

MID Energy Audit
Schedule a FREE MID energy Audit. MID will help you find ways to stay comfortable and save energy. An MID energy specialist will visit your home at a time convenient for you.

Special Needs & Assistance

Third Party Notification Program
Seniors, age 65 and over, and dependent adults may enroll in MID ’s Third Party Notification Program. The person you designate will help you understand what will happen if your bill goes unpaid or your account becomes past due.

Payment and Billing Options

Automatic Bill Pay (ABP)
Automatic Bill Pay eliminates check writing and mailing, saves you money on postage, and ensures that your MID bill is always paid on time.

Balanced Payment Plan (BPP)
Balanced Payment Plan helps you avoid big changes in your electric bill. BPP averages the current month's bill with bills for the previous 11 months.

Power Up Pilot Program
Power Up is an innovative, new pilot program that allows customers to take control of their electricity usage by paying for power before they use it. 


Dusk-to-Dawn Light
A dusk-to-dawn light is a practical, inexpensive way to light a dark corner of your property.