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MID provides irrigation water to approximately 2,300 agricultural customers who irrigate close to 60,000 acres of permanent and annual crops alike. Water is transported to area farms via MID's 208 miles of canals and pipelines that operate on a gravity flow system. Surface water from the Tuolumne River flows downhill all the way from the beginning (MID's Upper Main Canal at La Grange) to the end of MID's canal system (several locations where there are drains into the San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tuolumne rivers).

TrueCIP - MID Irrigation Services Portal

MID is always looking for innovative and cost effective ways to improve our customer service and provide you with tools to manage your irrigation water. Through TrueCIP - MID Irrigation Services Portal - irrigation customers can access up-to-date account information including water usage anytime and anywhere.

2023 Water Allocation

The 2023 irrigation season water allocation is 42 inches per irrigated acre with surplus water available.

Farmer to Farmer Delivery Program

On April 26, 2022, the MID Board of Directors approved changes to the MID Irrigation Rules and Regulations making the Farmer to Farmer Delivery Program a permanent transfer program. Farmers may transfer all or a portion of their surface water allocation to another farmer within MID's irrigation boundaries. MID will only be responsible for processing agreements and won't be involved in any financial transactions for this program.

If you're interested in participating, please review, complete and return a Farmer to Farmer Delivery Program Agreement to MID via email.

Questions? Please call (209) 526-7562.

2023 Groundwater Replenishment Plan

The 2023 Groundwater Replenishment Plan is a voluntary plan that allows Modesto Irrigation District to deliver surface water to eligible landowners outside of MID's irrigation boundaries, but within MlD's sphere of influence for the purposes of groundwater replenishment.

If you are interested in participating or reviewing your eligibility, please contact Jennifer Wright in Water Operations 209-526-7562.

Irrigation Pump Rentals

Irrigation Pump Rental Service is being offered to MID irrigation customers to rent and use pumping equipment outside of irrigation season.

Additional MID Resources

Many of MID's irrigators are members of the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition (ESJWQC). MID supports ESJWQC's commitment to water quality monitoring in our region.

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