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Effective June 1, 2019

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We designed these Guides to provide you - our customer - with the most complete, current, and accurate information available to help you plan for electric service or upgrade in our service area

  • The Electric Service Guides are a tool for you to use to plan and build your project.
  • The Electric Service Guides can save you money.


NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view all Electric Service Guide documents. Download a free version here.

We furnish the Electric Service Guides to any MID customer upon request and to electrical contractors, architects, consulting engineers, developers, and land planners.  Copies of these Guides are available from the MID's Electric Transmission and Distribution Division, 1231 Eleventh St., Modesto, California, 95354.

You may wish to download one or all of the Electric Service Guides that pertain to your project. (See below to download anyl of the Electric Service Guides in PDF format to print for future reference.)

The following procedures and requirements are necessary because they provide a structure that allows a complex process to be completed efficiently. We realize that any successful development requires cooperation and scheduling among many entities, which could include contractors, utilities, municipalities, counties, banks and others. By following this process, your project should be completed within your budget, on schedule, and meeting all city/state/county codes and requirements. This will benefit everyone involved in the process.

Therefore, we provide these documents to:

  • Promote mutual planning and scheduling;
  • Promote fair and consistent treatment for our customers and all contractors;
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) General Order 95 - Rules for Overhead Electric Line Construction, and General Order 128 - Construction of Underground Electric Supply and Communications Systems. Copies of the California General Orders 95 and 128 are available from the State of California Public Utilities Commission , 505 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, California, 94102.

Our process of providing you with electricity is governed by several policies, including the Electric Service Rules adopted by our Board of Directors. These Rules ensure that all customers are treated fairly and consistently. The Rules are available on MID’s website, http://www.mid.org/tariffs/.

These Electric Service Guides provide you construction guidance for most situations, but they cannot address all circumstances. The general guidance provided by these Guides cannot take precedence over your specific requirements, company policies, and the contracts developed to serve your needs. The Modesto Irrigation District Electrical Engineering Technicians are available to help you in your goal to successfully meet the scheduled date to energize your electric service. Please be sure to discuss your requirements and schedule with an Engineering Technician.

In a constant effort to make the electrical service portion for your project easy to understand we have created seven (7) Electric Service Guides that are specific to your type of project. Click on any of the Electric Service Guides below to download in PDF format.

Electric Permits

For public safety, all electrical work requires a construction permit. Permits are issued by the local governing authority (city, county, or state). We cannot energize facilities that have not been authorized by permit nor fail inspection by the local governing authority. Please contact the local governing authority for your project to obtain a permit. A licensed electrical contractor can help you with this process. Telephone numbers for the local governing authorities are listed at the end of this section.

Underground Service Alert, (USA) "Call USA before you dig"

We are strong supporters of programs, which provide for the location of underground facilities. Excavators can be held liable for damages they cause to underground utilities. This is especially so if the utilities' locations were not marked by the utility companies. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the excavator for your project request all utility locations marked. This can be done with one telephone call to Underground Service Alert (USA). The telephone number is located near the end of this section.

USA notifies all member utility companies at least two days before an excavation is to be done. Each utility company marks the location of their facilities on the surface of the surrounding terrain. Each type of utility has a color code as follows:

Red Electric
Yellow Gas, oil, or steam
Orange  Communications or CATV
Blue Water
Green Sewer
White Excavator's digging site, marked by excavator before USA notification

With USA you need to know:

  • To call at least two working days before you need to excavate
  • Markings are good for 14 days
  • Excavator is liable if digging within 24" either side of the marking
  • Excavator should use pothole methods when digging within 24" either side of the marking

Conversely, you must locate and mark the underground facilities on your project site for us. We need to know where sewer, water and other utilities are before we excavate for our electrical work. We cannot be responsible for damages to any facilities that are improperly marked.

Important Phone Numbers

Throughout this guide you will find information and procedures that will require you to call or write MID or an outside agency for assistance. The phone numbers and addresses you are most likely to need are:

At the Modesto Irrigation District: Area Code (209) unless otherwise noted.
Department Phone Number Fax Number
Field Inspection: 526-7457  
Electrical Engineering:  526-7373 526-7357
Underground Services
Electric Services 526-7373  
Emergency Service 526-8222  
Trouble Dept. 526-8222  
Energy Services 526-7339  
Service/Maintenance 557-1529  
Customer Service 526-7373 526-7359
Location Information
MID's mailing address is: P.O. Box 4060 Modesto,  CA  95352  
MID's street address is: 1231 Eleventh St. Modesto  
Local Building Permitting and Inspection Agency contacts
Agency Address Phone
City of Modesto 1010 Tenth Street, Third Floor, Modesto 577-5232
Stanislaus County 1010 Tenth Street, Ste. 3500 525-6557
Regional Notification Center
(800) 227-2600
  • (209) 526-7337
  • or (888) 335-1643 toll-free
  • Say or press 3.
  • (209) 526-8222 (day or night)
  • Toll Free (888) 897-8222 (day or night)