Modesto Irrigation District contracts with Osmose Utilities Services, Inc.
for wood power pole inspection and treatment project (2023-2026)

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Photo example of Osmose technician preparing pole for treatment

Photo example of Osmose technicians treating pole

Example of Osmose logo located on vehicle door

 Osmose logo
Osmose Utilities Services, Inc.

The Modesto Irrigation District (MID) has contracted with Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. to perform state mandated wood power pole inspection and treatment. Beginning in late 2023 and continuing through 2026, Osmose will be evaluating the condition of the wood poles and performing necessary treatments to help prevent decay and maintain resiliency of approximately 38,034 wood poles in the MID electric service area. Osmose’s pole lifecycle management activities are critical to ensuring reliable MID electric service. 

Osmose Utilities Service, Inc. is an authorized MID contractor

Osmose technicians are under contract with MID and are authorized to perform wood pole inspection and treatment services. You may see Osmose technicians around town working on MID wood power poles.

Identifying Osmose technicians

All Osmose technicians inspecting and treating MID wood power poles will carry a photo ID card and an MID letter of authorization.

Osmose technicians will drive their own service vehicles when performing pole inspections. These vehicles can by identified by the Osmose logo located on the vehicle doors. 

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