Balanced Payment Plan (BPP) for Residential Accounts

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The Balanced Payment Plan (BPP) makes all your electric bills approximately the same dollar amount. BPP averages your current month’s bill with your bills for the previous 11 months. This can help smooth out high summer bills. It’s also a great plan for people on fixed incomes.

To join, you must be an MID residential customer for at least 12 consecutive months and your account balance must be zero at the time you join. (Residential customers only) Balance due can fluctuate based on:

  1. Your last 12 months of billing history
  2. Any deferred account balance from previous year
  3. The percentage of any rate increase

To sign up

  1. Download and print the application here (PDF).
  2. Fill out and sign the application form.
  3. Return the completed form to MID by one of the following methods:

    1. Bring it to one of our locations or;
    2. Mail to MID, PO Box 4060, Modesto, CA 95352-406