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Three Easy Ways to Help Manage Your Electric Bill

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Whether you're new to MID or a long-time customer, here's the information you need to get service, change service, report a problem or take advantage of our many programs and services.

1. Rebates

MID has energy efficiency rebates that are simple and easy to apply for.

2. Do-it-Yourself Energy-Saving Home Improvements

There are several easy, do-it-yourself energy-saving home improvements that can help you save energy and money on your electric bills:

  • Seal Drafty Doors and Windows
    Stopping drafts around doors and windows helps lower your energy costs.  A few dollars worth of caulk and weatherstripping (available at any home improvement store), plus an hour or two of your time, will keep your home draft-free all winter long.  Look anywhere doors and windows meet walls or each other – if you see a gap, seal it with caulk or weatherstripping.
  • Install Sunscreens & Window Film
    To keep your home cooling costs down, install sunscreens or window film on west, east and south windows in your home.
  • Buy Qualifying Energy Star® Appliances
    If shopping for a new appliance, buy one that has earned the Energy Star llabel. MID offers rebates on qualifying Energy Star room air conditioners, washing machines and electric water heaters.

3. Payment Plans & Assistance

  • MID CARES - Community Alternative Rates for Electric Service
    Enrollment in MID CARES reduces your fixed monthly charge and includes a discount on the remainder of your bill.  A qualifying CARES customer with average electric use saves over $432 a year. 
  • Medical Life Support Rate
    MID offers 50 percent off the first 500 kilowatthours for qualified customers. If you depend on a medical life support device at home or have a medical requirement for air conditioning, you may qualify for a lower electric rate.   Medical life support customers save up to $419 a year. 
  • Balanced Payment Plan
    The Balanced Payment Plan (BPP) makes all your electric bills approximately the same dollar amount. BPP averages your current month’s bill with your bills for the previous 11 months.  BBP is for MID customers of all income levels. 

Applications for MID CARES, Medical Life Support Rate and Balanced Payment Plan programs are also available at the MID downtown office, 1231 11th Street, online HERE or by calling (209) 526-7337.