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Shave The Energy Peak (STEP)

for Residential Customers

Get in STEP and Get a Discount

STEP (Shave the Energy Peak) is a voluntary program for MID residential customers with central air conditioners to help MID reduce energy use at peak times during hot summer days.

We’ll say thank you for participating with a $5 a month discount for the four-month period June through September each year. That’s a $20 discount every year!

How do you get in STEP? It’s simple.

  1. Download the Application (PDF)
  2. Fill it out and sign it.
  3. If you rent, get your landlord's signature.
  4. Mail it to: MID Energy Services Department P.O. Box 4060 Modesto, CA 95352-4060

Questions and Answers

  1. Are you eligible for STEP?

    YES: You are eligible if you have a residential central air conditioner

    NO: You are NOT eligible if you have: An evaporative (swamp) cooler, or A window or wall mounted unit

  2. How does STEP work?

    MID installs at no cost to you a small “load control” device on your air conditioner. When STEP is needed, MID will signal your air conditioner to cycle off. Cycling does not harm your air conditioner. Overall power usage is reduced through the controlled cycling of thousands of air conditioners. Over 13,000 MID customers are now in STEP.

  3. How long will your air conditioner be off?

    When STEP is used, your air conditioner will be cycled off up to an average of 10 minutes each half-hour. Most people never notice when the STEP device is working. This time off should not increase the temperature inside your house.

  4. Where does your STEP credit show up?

    The $5 per month June through September bill credit shows up on your MID electric bill.
  5. When will this device be installed?

    STEP installations occur when units are available. You will not need to be at home for the installation since the device is attached to the air conditioner on the outside of your home or apartment. Information will be left for you when the device is installed. If no devices are available at this time, we’ll let you know when we expect installations to begin again.

  6. Anything else you should know?

    STEP is voluntary and you may cancel at any time.
    Renters may participate with a landlord’s signature on the STEP application.
    Air conditioning equipment must have an accessible mounting location as determined by the installer.
    The installer may determine that installation is not possible due to the condition of the air conditioner.

PDF files require Acrobat