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Providing a Reliable Drinking Water Supply

Modesto Irrigation District (MID) and the City of Modesto (City) are moving forward on the Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant Phase Two expansion and the city’s water distribution project. Phase Two will double the capacity of the MID’s water treatment plant. The City will build new storage tanks and pipelines to deliver the needed water supply to the community.

The goal is to supply safe, dependable drinking water at the lowest possible cost.

More than a decade ago, MID and the City developed a plan to meet the community’s need for safe, dependable drinking water. This long-term water management plan called for combining well water with surface water from the Tuolumne River.  It makes the best use of water in droughts and also in years when water is plentiful. In Phase One of this project MID built the water treatment plant, which was completed in 1995. Today it produces roughly one-half of the City’s drinking water.

Since Phase One was completed, the City has closed some water wells to comply with current public health regulations, reducing the supply of groundwater.  The demand for water has increased as the community has grown.  The City’s water system is beginning to show signs of strain, especially during peak use times. This has led to the need for the Phase Two expansion.

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Find out more about the MRWTP Phase Two Expansion Project:

Bid results (PDF, 124KB)

Final Subsequent EIR

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan

Subsequent EIR Public Review Draft

Initial Study MRWTP Phase Two (PDF, 9.08MB)

Environmental Reports for Phase One MRWTP


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