Special Drought Operation Rules

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Due to the dry conditions MID has faced, the Board of Directors has implemented special drought operation rules for the 2014 irrigation season.


  1. By May 1: Irrigators must declare whether they will irrigate their acreage. After May 1, switching from facilities and maintenance to irrigation will not be permissible.
  2. By May 1: Growers declare crop type and specific acres to be irrigated. If nothing has been received by May 1, then crop acreages from 2013 will be used.
  3. By June 1, July 1 and September 2: Growers must declare transfers per the new special drought transfer policy: "Growers may transfer all or a portion of their surface water allocation to another grower provided that; (1) water cannot be transferred from an irrigation account that did not receive MID surface water sufficient to grow a crop in the previous irrigation season, as determined by MID, (2) irrigation accounts must be current (no liens, past due balances, etc.), (3) the water can only be transferred to and from lands within the irrigation boundary of MID and for uses consistent with MID's water rights and (4) growers that want to transfer all or a portion of their surface water allocation to another grower must complete the appropriate form and return it to MID."


  1. This year, the lead time on water deliveries will be extended to 5 days. In previous years, the lead time has been 3 days.
  2. There will be increased ditchtender coverage that includes more patrols during the night.
  3. Priming will be limited to 3" of stem opening or as directed by the Irrigation Supervisor. If stem opening exceeds 3", the grower will be charged for water delivered, as determined by MID.


  1. Water theft will result in a $1,500 fine for the first offense.
  2. A second offense will result in a loss of remaining allocation.

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