2014 Irrigation Rates and Allotment

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1. The irrigation water allocation is 24 inches, which is included in the $32.50 per irrigated acre. This allocation is capped. (The minimum irrigation service charge per account regardless of acreage is $162.50).
2. Drought Surcharge = $11.91 per irrigated acre.
3. $400 per acre ($200 per acre foot) for supplemental water only made available through MID's Allocation Return Program as implemented by the Board of Directors.
4. The "facilities maintenance charge is $16.25 per acre. (The minimum "facilities maintenance" charge per account regardless of acreage is $81.25). Please note: Landowner only pays a "facilities maintenance" charge if they aren't taking any surface water. Landowner pays either an "irrigated" service water charge or a "facilities maintenance" charge, but not both.
5. If the State of California levies fees or other charges upon MID, MID reserves the option to pass the cost on to water customers.