Business Rebates

MID’s Business Rebate Programs offer commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers incentives for buying and installing qualifying energy-efficient products.

Minimum qualifications must be met. Refer to the Business Rebate Catalog for product-specific requirements and limitations. Please read the details in each Rebate Specifications to ensure you are installing a qualifying product(s). Rebate amounts and specifications are subject to change without notice.

View the Business Rebate Catalog and complete the application.

Rebate Catalog & Application


Business Rebate Catalog - 2024 (PDF)


Business Rebate Application - 2024 (PDF)

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Before You Hire a Contractor

General Advice

Protect Yourself

  • Only hire state-licensed contractors.
  • Any contractor performing $500 worth of work or more (includes labor and materials) must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board to work in California.
  • Don’t rush into repairs, no matter how badly they are needed.
  • Don’t hire the first contractor who comes along or be caught in highpressure sales tactics.
  • Ask to see the contractor’s “Pocket License” or their representatives “Home Improvement Salesperson” registration. Ask to see a photo identification to confirm their identity.
  • Verify the license is in good standing by contacting the Contractors State License Board.

More Information

Better Business Bureau

Many BBB Accredited Businesses are home contractors who want to make sure you know they are legitimate, trustworthy and dependable.

Find one on the BBB's website.

Contractors State License Board

There are about 300,000 licensed contractors in California. In addition to testing and licensing contractors, the Contractors State License Board also educates consumers about contractors and construction law, and investigates complaints against licensed and unlicensed contractors.

More Information can be found on the Contractors State License Board website.

Be Aware

Home Improvement Scams


Contractors or salespeople usually knock on your door with a story or a deal—they may even offer a free energy audit. Don’t be pressured into buying their product or service without doing your research.

High-Pressure Sales

A fast-talking operator pushes you for an immediate decision about work, making it impossible for you to get competitive bids, check licenses or review references.

MID Recommendations

MID recommends you don’t allow unsolicited contractors or salespeople into your home. Some contractors move around, keeping a step ahead of the law... and angry consumers.

MID doesn’t send contractors to your home. Look out for contractors who claim to be working with MID. Ask to see MID photo identification to confirm their identity.

When in doubt, contact MID before you sign a contract.

10 Tips - Make Sure Your Contractor Measures Up

  1. Hire only state-licensed contractors.
  2. Check a contractor’s license number online at the Contractors State License Board website or by calling (800) 321-2752.
  3. Get at least 3 bids.
  4. Get 3 references from each bidder and review past work in person.
  5. Make sure all project expectations are in writing and only sign the contract if you completely understand the terms.
  6. Confirm the contractor’s workers’ compensation insurance policy for employees, and ask about liability insurance to cover any property damage.
  7. Never pay more than 10% down or $1,000 whichever is less. Don’t pay in cash.
  8. Don’t let payments get ahead of the work.
  9. Keep a job file of all papers relating to your project, including all payments.
  10. Don’t make the final payment until you’re satisfied with the job.


Business New Construction

  • Project that involves installation of new high-efficiency equipment in new facilities or during the major remodel or expansion of existing facilities may be eligible for this rebate.
  • Projects are subject to review and acceptance by MID.
  • Complete the New Construction Specifications and Application.
New Construction Specifications and Application - 2024 (PDF)

Custom Rebate Program

  • Project that involves replacement of existing lighting, equipment or systems with high efficiency lighting, equipment or systems may be eligible for the MPower Business: Custom Rebate Program. Projects are subject to review and acceptance by MID prior to replacement and must not qualify for other MPower Business Rebates.
  • Complete the Custom Rebate Specifications and Application
Custom Rebate Specifications and Application - 2024 (PDF)