Energy Benchmarking

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Energy Benchmarking Commercial Buildings

Energy benchmarking is tracking a building’s energy use to measure and compare your building’s energy to similar buildings, past consumption, or a reference performance level.

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is an interactive resource management tool that enables you to benchmark the energy use of any type of building, all in a secure online environment.

Using Portfolio Manager is simple – just follow these easy steps. You’ll need data from your meter or meters which MID can provide.

  1. Go to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and create an account.
  2. Add your property information
  3. Enter energy data from all your meters

If you need help collecting historical data from your MID meter, we can provide you with a 12-month usage profile for you to upload into Portfolio Manager. Please complete the appropriate forms below and submit them by email to Energy Benchmarking.

Billing History Release

To request 12 months of MID billing history data, please complete the Release of Information Form below.