Business Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

You can reduce energy use whether you rent or own a facility for your business. Reducing energy use can be as simple as turning off a light when you leave a room or purchasing energy-efficient lighting and office equipment. Doing a bit more could be the addition of sunshades and yearly maintenance of cooling equipment.

Top 6 Tips to Save Energy and Dollars

  1. Make energy conservation a part of your business plan. Discuss energy efficiency with your employees.
  2. Educate yourself about your rate structure.
  3. Know which equipment uses the most electricity, and set priorities.
  4. Investigate new equipment that is more energy efficient.
  5. Monitor usage and compare it to historical electric use.
  6. Building Benchmarking can help you track your building’s energy use with tools to measure and compare your building’s energy use to similar buildings, past consumption, or a reference performance level.

Bonus Tips

  • Keep the air conditioner in top working order.
  • List everything that uses electricity in your business. The length of the list may surprise you. Include large and small equipment. Do you really need 10 clocks and 5 coffee pots for 8 employees?
  • Pick a day to read your meter first thing in the morning, then again at the end of the business day. Record electric usage. Decide upon a second day to read your meter in the morning and at the end of the business day, only this time implement all your energy-saving ideas. Compare the usage for the 2 days to see the benefit of your efforts. (See Watch Your Watts: Read Your Meter.)

Peak Use

MID customers use the most electricity on hot summer days, especially between 4 and 7 p.m. Help MID avoid energy problems by shifting your use to off-peak hours during the summer.