Cool Down & Save Top 5 Summer Energy Saving Tips
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Top 5 Summer Energy Saving Tips

  1. The numbers to live by are 78–85. Keep your thermostat at 78 (higher is even better) when you’re home. Set at 85 when you’ll be away for a few hours.
  2. Use fans to circulate air so you’ll feel cooler. Don’t run fans when you’re out of the room. Consider installing a whole-house fan and get a $100 MPower rebate as a bonus.
  3. Avoid heat build-up indoors. Keep blinds and curtains drawn. For dinner, try a refreshing salad, cook in the microwave or grill outdoors. Run washing machines and dishwashers after 10 pm - newer models have timers to make it easy.
  4. Open windows at night to catch a cooling breeze.
  5. Tune up your air conditioning unit and change or clean the air filter every 30 days.

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