Equipment Clearance

Below ground transformer showing required clearance of 8 feet above and 3 feet around. Below ground transformer blocked by bushes and a fence.

MID Work Crews Need Safe Clearance

MID inspects poles, above and below-ground transformers, and other equipment on a regular basis to help reduce the possibility of power outages. Note: To do this, MID needs clear access to MID equipment located on your property.

Please remove plants, shrubs, fences, and anything else that could block access to the equipment. MID crews will remove these if you cannot. Please note that MID will not be responsible for damage done to these items. Removing the plants and/or fences yourself means less impact on your property. If you are not sure whether or not something needs to be cleared to allow access, please call (209) 557-1529

Required Minimum Clearances

Below Ground Transformer

  • 8 feet above the transformer, 3 feet around it. If you place a fence over a below-ground transformer, the work crew must be able to remove easily so they can have quick access and adequate work space.

Above Ground Transformer

  • 8 feet in front of the transformer, 3 feet on other sides.