Power Theft

close up view of a meter

Warning: Tampering May Cause Unsafe Conditions Leading to Electrical Shock, Fire, Explosion, or Death

Power theft is a serious issue that is not only against the law, but is also extremely dangerous. Power theft occurs when individuals tamper with electric service by trying to bypass the electric meter at a service panel. Tampering can create unsafe conditions that could possibly result in electrical shock, fire, explosion or death.

MID doesn’t tolerate power theft and has the right to shut off power to those who commit this crime. MID’s Electric Service Rules (Rule No.11 [5] ) (PDF) states that “the District may discontinue or refuse service or refuse to reestablish service if any part of a customer’s wiring or equipment or use thereof is either unsafe or in violation of law, until such apparatus shall have been placed in a safe condition or the violation remedied and all related charges and fees for meter tampering, power theft/energy diversion, and broken or damaged District equipment have been paid. If, in the District’s judgment, the operation of a customer’s equipment constitutes a dangerous condition, the District may discontinue service to that customer without prior notice.”

MID works hard to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to all of our customers. When someone tampers with a service panel by bypassing the meter and steals electricity, they put themselves and others in danger. Power theft is a crime and increases the cost of service to the rest of MID customers.

MID takes power theft very seriously, and we ask for your help to prevent it. If you suspect power theft or meter tampering, please call MID at (209) 557-1340.