Electric Fee Schedule

All fees listed on this schedule are subject to applicable Electric Service Rules and may be waived at the discretion of the District.

Rule NumberDescriptionFee (1)
2Engineering Plan Checks$75
2Unauthorized Sign/Banner$75
2Missing or Damaged S.T.E.P. Device$150
2Project Cancellation/Postponement Fee
Low Voltage Projects
High Voltage Projects
2Rolling Truck Fee$50
2Totalized Meter and Reading Fee$30 per meter
3Priority Service Initiation Fee (Field/Remote)$75/$35
3Service Establishment Fee (Field/Remote) $35/$10
5 & 11Broken or Damaged District Equipment:
Meter Charges (Single Phase/Three Phase)
Special Ring
6Deposit Amount:
$200 minimum
$300 minimum
Other Services
$30 minimum
9Late Payment Fee1.5% of unpaid balance or $5.00, whichever is greater.
9Returned Item Fee$25 (per item)
10Meter Re-Read Fee (Field/Remote)$35/$10
2 & 11Charges for Tampering Cases$145
11Disconnect Fee:

Disconnect (Remote)
Disconnect (Revenue Protection)
Disconnect at Power Source
11Inspection Fee (Revenue Protection)$175
11Meter Panel Inspection Fee$35
11Locked Meter Room Access Fee$500
11Service Restoration Fee:
During Regular Posted Hours (Remote)
Outside Regular Posted Hours
Reconnect at Power Source
13Temporary Service
15Overhead Extensions
$21.50 per foot in excess of allowance
$22.50 per foot in excess of allowance
Conversion from Single-Phase to Three-Phase
$3.50 per foot in excess of allowance
15Underground Extensions
Residential Using Submersible Transformers
$6,900.00 per transformer
Dollar Value of Extensions Along Public Rights-of-Way
$65.00 per foot of allowance
15Residential Subdivision$1,300 per lot
2 & 16Inspection Fee for Residential Subdivisions, Commercial Developments, and Meter and Service Installations$100 (per trip)
16Rewire Fee (other fees may apply, Engineering Department to determine)$500
17Meter Test for Customers Having an Average Monthly Bill Less than $400$45.00 per test
21Interconnection Fee
For 100kW to 1,000kW
For less than 100kW