Electric Safety

Electrical Safety for Kids Video Playlist

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BeAware Bear has some helpful safety tips.

Learn how to be safe with electricity, both indoors and out:

Indoor Safety

  • Keep appliances away from water.
  • Only plugs go in outlets.
  • Place portable heaters away from walls and drapes.
  • Place portable heaters where you won’t trip over the cord.
  • Unplug decorative and holiday lights when you leave the house.

Outdoor Safety

  • Stay away from downed power lines – call 911.
  • Call before you dig.
  • Keep ladders, tools, and yourself away from power lines.
  • Watch out for power lines when you trim a tree.
  • Don’t play near power lines or anything electric.
  • Never climb utility poles.
  • Fly kites, drones and model airplanes in open areas away from power lines.
  • Balloons, especially Mylar balloons, can cause power outages if they come in contact with power lines.
    • Make sure all ballons are secured and keep balloons away from power lines.
    • Dispose of balloons properly after use – fully deflate and put them in the trash.
    • If you see balloons entangled in a power line, call MID at (209) 526-8222. Don’t try to remove them yourself.

Electric Safety Cartoons to print (PDF)