Report an Outage

If you see smoke, fire, or a downed power line, please call 911.

You can report a power outage online, or by calling (209) 526-7337 or (888) 335-1643 toll-free then say or press 3.

MID appreciates your patience during an outage as we will work as quickly as possible to assess any problems, reroute power, dispatch crews, make any necessary repairs, and safely restore power as soon as possible.

You can check the status of an outage by viewing our outage map. Note, outages will be updated periodically as time allows. MID may be working on an outage that doesn’t immediately appear. When power has been restored, an outage will be removed from the map.

View & Report Power Outages

You Can Help

  • If you see smoke, fire, or a downed power line, please call 911.
  • Are your neighbors or the streetlights without power? If not, the problem could be inside your home or business. Check your fuse box or service panel to determine if the problem is internal.
  • If you receive service from an overhead line, look to see if the service wire has become damaged or pulled away from the building. Do not approach a low-hanging wire or wire on the ground. Never approach or touch any wires or touch any surface, tree, or object that is in contact with wires.
  • If your lights dim or flicker, immediately turn off electronic equipment and wait until the power is stable before turning the equipment back on.
  • Be prepared when power outages occur.