Colored dyes used in canals for water flow monitoring

Periodically throughout the irrigation season, Modesto Irrigation District (MID) applies Rhodamine WT and Uranine Liquid, harmless dyes, to our canals to aid with water flow monitoring. As a result of the dye application, the water in the canals could be red, green, yellow, or blue in color. Some foam may appear in the water too following dye applications.

The dyes are harmless to humans, animals, and vegetation and are soluble in water.

Rhodamine WT and Uranine Liquid are often used as water tracers to determine the rate and direction of water flow. Other irrigation districts also use these dyes to aid in their water flow monitoring activities.

During irrigation season (typically March through October), MID also reminds our community of four canal safety rules – stay away from canals, learn to swim, swim and play in safe places, and always swim with an adult.

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