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Right Tree, Right Location

Plant the Right Tree For Your Location

Trees beautify our neighborhoods, help clean the air and conserve energy by providing shade. However, it is important to plant the right tree for your location.

Study Your Location

When planting a tree, pick a suitable location. First, look up and around in all directions. Second, scan the ground carefully. Third, take stock of what you see:

  • Are any overhead power lines nearby?
  • Is there an electrical transformer on a concrete pad or other electrical facility nearby on the ground?
  • How close will a fully grown tree come to a power line, transformer or structure?

Leave Room to Grow

Consider the available height and width from your planting location. Is there enough room for a full-grown tree? You may decide to plant in a different spot. If there is enough room, you are ready to identify suitable trees.

Choose the Right Tree

  • Tree heightPlant trees that grow no taller than 25-30 feet when mature (20-25 feet is best) when planting under or near power lines. This reduces the chance of power outages, avoids annual pruning and maintains legally required clearance.
  • Tree widthPlant trees at least 10 feet away from transformers and electric facilities on the ground.
  • Tree roots Avoid trees with shallow, spreading root systems when planting near underground utilities. Tree roots grow with tremendous force. Roots can surround and crush underground electric conduits, causing thousands of dollars of damage and power outages. This contributes to higher electric rates.

Let MID Help

  • We’ll visit your home if you are unsure whether a location might be too close to a power line. Call 209 557-1522 for this free service.
  • MID has a list of trees that grow no taller than 25 - 30 feet and that generally do not have problem roots. This list of trees suitable for the Central Valley climate was developed by the UC Agricultural Extension Service. It has been supplemented with information from other authorities on trees.

Now you're ready to go tree shopping and talk with experts at a local nursery.

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  • Toll Free (888) 897-8222 (day or night)