Commercial Service

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MID Non-Residential Electric Service

Non-residential services include Commercial, Agricultural, Lighting, Temporary, and New Construction.

Whether you’re new to MID or a long-time customer, here’s the information you need to start service, change service, report a problem, or take advantage of our many programs and services.

Start a Non-Residential Account

To start new business service:

  1. Complete the Non-Residential Application (PDF)
  2. Complete the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9) (PDF)
  3. Provide signed application with supporting documentation for your business type listed below.
  4. Email or Fax your application and supporting documentation to:

Documentation Required

The following documentation is required for each business type:

Sole Proprietor

  • The above documents only
  • If you are establishing service in a business name a Fictitious Business Name Statement will be required.


  • The above documents
  • If you are establishing service in a business name a Fictitious Business Name Statement will be required.


  • The above documents
  • Articles of Incorporation


Deposits for non-residential accounts shall be 3 times the highest monthly bill for the location but shall not be less than the minimum amount of $300. (MID Electric Service Rule 6.)

When we have received your signed application and supporting documentation, an MID representative will contact you and provide the deposit amount required to start your service.

Completed applications and all supporting documentation are required before MID can begin to process requests for service. An incomplete application or applications without supporting documentation will not be processed. We may contact you to provide additional information.

New Construction

Additional Service Applications or information may be required for new construction.

Stop or Move Electric Service

When planning a move, please contact MID at least one day in advance. Call (209) 526-7337, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

New Business, Expansion, or Relocation

The Energy Services staff provides the information you need as you consider opening a new business, expanding, or relocating an existing facility within the MID electric service area. Call (209) 526-7339 or (800) 304-5373 with questions about rates and programs.

Programs and Services for Businesses

Before you remodel or buy a product, find out about MID’s rebate program. MID encourages energy efficiency through rebates for sunscreens/window film, high-efficiency air conditioners, cool roofs, and a custom program.

Save Energy
MID provides a free energy survey for MID electric customers. Call (209) 526-7339 or e-mail to schedule the audit. Check out energy-saving tips for businesses. Find more energy-saving steps on the Energy Star website.

Rates & Rules
MID Electric Rate Schedules and Rules are posted for information purposes. MID keeps the rate schedules as current as possible, but please contact Customer Services at (209) 526-7337 or (888) 335-1643 or Energy Services at (209) 526-7339 for the latest information.

Power Problems
MID has an excellent track record when it comes to keeping on the lights. But you do need to be prepared for power outages. MID can help you prepare for power outages and rotating outages.

Electric Service Guides
The Electric Service Guides provide construction guidance for most situations. You’ll also find a “who to call” list when you have construction questions or need an inspection.

Solar Information
MID wants to help customers looking into investing in clean and renewable energy. Learn all the steps for solar installations.

Get Answers to Your Electric Questions

Call (209) 526-7339 if you are:

  • Thinking about starting a new business
  • Expanding your facility, or
  • Relocating to the MID service area

Call (209) 526-7337 or (888) 335-1643 if you need to

  • Start or stop service
  • Review your MID bill
  • Confirm you are on the right rate schedule
  • Relocate a meter

Call (209) 526-7438 if you are

  • Adding electric equipment to an existing business, or
  • Starting a remodeling project at your business

Call (209) 526-7339 if you want information on rates:

  • Interruptible rates
  • Time of use energy rates
  • Standby rates
  • Public Agency Contract rates
  • Economic development
  • Totalization