California Wildfire Public Safety


Please call MID Public Affairs:
(209) 526-7454 or
(209) 526-7390 or
Email Public Affairs

PG&E Community Wildfire Safety Program

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has recently been promoting their Community Wildfire Safety Program to areas which could be affected by wildfires – such as Manteca and San Joaquin County. MID’s service area differs from PG&E’s area as our infrastructure isn’t within critical wildfire areas. MID’s electric system also operates separately from PG&E’s, so any PG&E power outage most likely won’t directly affect MID and our customers.

General California Wildfire Information

While MID doesn’t anticipate preemptive power shutoffs to our customers due to local wildfire-related issues, California wildfires could possibly cause regional or statewide power supply constraints that would affect MID’s ability to serve our customers. Public safety is always a priority. In a rare event that MID is forced to conduct wildfire issue-related power shutoffs, we will alert our customers via MID’s web site, social media channels, the media and our community partners.