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How to Take Part in a Board Meeting

The Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the District in an orderly and efficient manner and will, therefore, require reasonable controls to regulate those addressing the Board.

Board meetings begin with a call to order by the Board President. The items of business are: roll call of directors present, consent items, staff reports, agenda items and public comment.

The Board of Directors encourages participation in meetings and invites the public to express its views to the Board. The public will be allowed time to address the Board.

If you wish to speak on an agenda item:

If you wish to speak on an agenda item, please wait until that item is presented. Once the Board President calls for public comment on the agenda item you wish to speak on, approach the podium and begin by stating your name and address.

A period for public comment of items not on the agenda will be called by the Board President during the Public Input section. Because these are non-agenda matters, generally no discussion or comment by the Board should be expected except to properly refer the matter for review as appropriate, but no action will be taken at this meeting. Please use a microphone for all questions and comments. Board meetings are recorded for minute purposes.

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