MID 2008 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements

The Balance of Power

The Balance of Power: Finger balancing a florescent Light Bulb

“The fulcrum of MID’s balance of power is treating every customer fairly and equally, operating efficiently and economically and delivering reliable water and power service at the best possible rates.”


Signiture of Allen Short

 Allen Short, General Manager

Annual Report Documents
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Complete 2008 MID Annual Report - (PDF
2008 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements

MID Annual Report by Section

The Balance of Power - (PDF - 1,830 KB)
Annual Report Narrative, General Manager's Message

Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes - (PDF - 358 KB)

Modesto Irrigation District Management - (PDF - 81 KB)

The MID 2008 Annual Report is produced by MID Public Affairs. To order a printed copy of the MID 2008 Annual Report, contact the MID Finance Division at (209) 526-7473.

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