MID 2005 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements

Putting The Pieces Together

"Just when you fit the final piece into the puzzle and step back to admire the completed picture, someone drops a handful of new pieces onto the table or worse yet, pries a few random pieces loose, pockets them, and heads out the door."

Signiture of Allen Short
 Allen Short, General Manager

Annual Report Documents

Complete 2005 MID Annual Report
2005 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF - 2,090KB)

MID Annual Report by Section

Putting The Pieces Together (PDF - 1,710KB)
Annual Report Narrative, General Manager's Message

Focus On Finance (PDF - 1,140KB)
Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes

Modesto Irrigation District Management - (PDF - 889KB)

The MID 2005 Annual Report is produced by MID Public Affairs. To order a printed copy of the MID 2005 Annual Report, contact the MID Finance & General Services Division at (209) 526-7473.

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