Fast Facts

Key Dates

July 1887



Irrigation water in the canals


Electric service


Waterford Irrigation District merger


Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant

Board of Directors

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

View more information about the MID Board of Directors.

Phone Number/Address


General Manager

AGM Electric Resources

AGM Finance

AGM Transmission & Distribution

AGM Water Operations

Number of employees

Electric Facts

Number of Electric Accounts (as of December 2023)


Other Electric Facts and Figures


Average monthly residential kWh use


Square miles of electric service area

For information on MID residential, commercial, and industrial rates, view electric rate tariffs, call (209) 526-7337, or toll-free (800) 304-5373.

Electric Facilities

Don Pedro Powerhouse

Hydropower from water stored in Don Pedro Reservoir

MID owns 31.54% or 63 MW

Woodland Generation Stations

Flexible year-round power supply

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

McClure Generation Station

Peaking power

Unit 1

Unit 2

Ripon Generation Station

Peaking power

Stone Drop Mini-Hydro

Hydropower from Main Canal during irrigation season

New Hogan Powerhouse

Hydropower from water stored in New Hogan Reservoir

Water Facts

Irrigation Facts


Irrigated acres


Active irrigation accounts

Water Rates

$44 per acre

Fixed Charge

$2/acre-foot (AF)

Tier 1 (up to 24″)


Tier 2 (24″ up to 36″)


Tier 3 (36″ up to 42″)


Tier 4 (42″ and up)

$265 Minimum Charge

(applies to 5 acres or less)

$26.50 per acre Facilities Maintenance Charge*

*A landowner pays a facilities maintenance charge when they aren’t taking surface water. Each landowner pays either an irrigated charge or a facilities maintenance charge, but not both.

Water sources

Tuolumne River & groundwater

Water Facilities

Don Pedro Reservoir

  • Water storage
  • Hydropower
  • Flood control
  • Recreation

La Grange Diversion Dam

  • Divert water for MID and Turlock Irrigation District

Modesto Reservoir

  • Regulate canal flows
  • Store water
  • Recreation

Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant

  • Drinking water
  • Water sold to the City of Modesto