Public Records Request

MID is a public agency that takes pride in being open and transparent. Per the California Public Records Act (Government Code § 7920.000, et seq.), MID offers access to our public records – subject to certain exemptions – upon request. The Public Records Act covers only records that already exist. It does not require creation of documents, lists or compilations.

How to Make a Public Records Request

Public records are available upon request and subject to response times stated in the Public Records Act.

Please submit public record requests via email to MID’s Board Secretary. If you can’t email the request, you can mail it to “MID, ATTN: Board Secretary, PO Box 4060, Modesto, CA 95352 or call the Board Secretary at (209) 526-7360 to discuss further options.

We prefer that all requests be made in writing to ensure that we can accurately identify the records requested and process the request in a timely manner. Also, please be as specific as possible when making your request as vague or unreasonable broad requests will be returned for clarification.

You will be contacted directly with a written response to your request.


If there are responsive records for your request and you would like to receive a paper copy, the Public Records Act allows us to recover any labor and copy costs. Fees will be determined based on the number of records.