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Looking for outdoor watering days and hours?

The City of Modesto provides these services. Please check the City's web site for information about watering schedules: City of Modesto water restrictions

2018 Irrigation Rates

The following Irrigation Rate Schedule was adopted by the MID Board of Directors on April 19, 2016. There were no changes to the rates for the 2018 irrigation season.

Category Cost
$/Acre (AC) or $/Acre Foot (AF)
Fixed Charge $44.00/AC
Volumetric - Tier 1 (up to 24") $2.00/AF
Volumetric - Tier 2 (24" up to 36") $5.00/AF
Volumetric - Tier 3 (36" up to 42") $11.25/AF
Volumetric - Tier 4 (42" and up) $40.00/AF

The facilities maintenance charge is $22.00 per acre. Please note, a landowner only pays a facilities maintenance charge when they aren't taking any surface water. Each landowner pays either an irrigated charge or a facilities maintenance charge, but not both.

If the State of California levies fees or other charges upon MID, MID reserves the option to pass the cost onto the water customers.


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Customer Service
Mon. - Fri, 8am to 5pm
(209) 526-7337 or
(888) 335-1643 toll-free

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