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Modesto Irrigation District Electric Rate Schedules and Rules are posted on this web site for informational purposes.  Although MID endeavors to keep the rates current, the tariffs on file with the Board Secretary contain the current and applicable rates.

If you are unclear which rate is applicable to you, please contact Customer Service at (209) 526-7373 or Energy Services at (209) 526-7339.

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Electric Rate Schedules
Beginning January 1, 2017
Home Services
D Residential Service
DLS Residential - Life Support Service
Business Services
GS-1 General Service - Non Demand
GS-2 General Service - Demand
GS-TOU General Service - Commercial, Time-of-Use
GS-3 General Service - Industrial
IC-25 2005 Industrial Contract: 2005-2012 25 MW Minimum Demand
GS-PAC Public Agency Contract Rate
  Economic Development Discount Provision Contract
  Interruptible Demand Option Application
Lighting Service
SL Public Street, Highway, & Park Lighting Service
Private Outdoor Area Lighting Service (Dusk to Dawn Lighting)
Miscellaneous Services
CIA Capital Infrastructure Adjustment The CIA is applied to all kilowatt-hours billed under all rate schedules. The revenue yielded from the CIA will go towards deferring future debt and paying down existing debt.
The Current CIA is: $0.0028/kWh
EEA Environmental Energy Adjustment (EEA) The EEA is applied to all kilowatt-hours billed under all rate schedules to recover the portion of the costs attributable to achieving mandated targets of renewable energy and recover costs relating to Greenhouse Gases Mandates. The EEA will be trued up annually.

The Current EEA is: $0.0067/kWh

FiT Feed-in Tariff The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) is optional for customers who wish to sell the output from an eligible renewable energy resource as defined by the current version of the California Energy Commission's eligibility guidebook, with a capacity of at least 30 Kilowatts and not more than 3 Megawatts.
FL Flat Rate Service This Schedule is applicable to small, constant, non-metered incidental loads for utilities, communication agencies, state agencies, and applicable special districts where the customer owns and maintains the equipment.
P-3 Water Well Pumping and Agricultural Power Service
P-4 Interruptible Water Pumping Power Service
IRC Investment Recovery Charges
  Buyback Power Service
  Reactive Power Service Requirement
  Standby Service Requirement
  Electrical Interconnection Agreement
NEM1 Net Metering 1.0
NEM2 Net Metering 2.0
  Net Metering Agreement
  Mountain House Community Service District Schedule

Electric Service Rules
Beginning January 1, 2017
  Preliminary Statements
Rule 1 Definitions
Rule 2 Description of Service
Rule 3 Application for Services
Rule 5 Special Information Required on Forms
Rule 6 Account Deposit
Rule 8 Notices & Communications
Rule 9 Rendering & Payment of Electric Service Bills
Rule 10 Disputed Bills
Rule 11 Discontinuance & Restoration of Service
Rule 12 Application of Rate Schedules
Rule 13 Temporary Service
Rule 14 Shortage of Supply & Interruption of Delivery
Rule 15 Extension of Facilities
Rule 16 Service Connections & Facilities on Customer's Premises
Rule 17 Meter Tests & Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error
Rule 18 Supply to Separate Premises & Use of Electricity
Rule 19 MID Community Alternative Rates for Electric Service
Rule 21 Generating Facility Interconnections
Appendix A Fee Schedule
Appendix B Reference Table of Maximum Allowances for Line Extensions and Service Connections Provided for New Installations
Operating Bulletins
OB 56 Technical Facility Interconnection Requirements, Bulk Electric System
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